Country Color

Variety of colours and unrivalled durability – for all weather conditions!

Osmo Country Colour is best suited for all wood in outdoor areas where an especially durable coating is required: timber cladding, balconies, windows and window shutters, fences, pergolas, wooden shingles, garden furniture and summer houses, carports etc. Ideal for renewing old microporous finishes and weathered wooden surfaces.


  • The wood structure remains visible
  • All colours can be mixed with each other
  • Country Colour is weather-resistant and robust against small damages
  • Resistant to saliva and perspiration, suitable for children’s toys
  • Can sizes: 0.75 L; 2.50 L; 25 L
  • 1 litre covers approx. 26 m2 with one coat.
  • Mixed colours: from an order amount of 2.5 litres, you can order Landhausfarbe Ultra Violet from your local Osmo dealer as Pantone colour 18-3838. Other colours available upon request.